Day 76: Prince George to roadside turnoff (near Slim Creek)

With a bit more running around and stocking up on food, we left Prince George fairly late – around 1pm. We definitely did not feel like we just left “Canada’s most dangerous city”. It actually seemed friendlier than most of the other cities we’d been to so far in BC. Many people said hello and approached us to ask about our trip. Maybe it’s not the prettiest city, and being in BC it probably has higher standards to live up to, and sure there were some dodgy looking folk around, but if this is Canada’s most dangerous city (or whatever that statistic was) I think Canada is just fine.

The rest of the day we spent riding, our only roadside stop being closed (as we were warned it often was). In order to make it to our next Warm Showers host tomorrow, we didn’t want to stop too early today so we pushed on until 9pm when we found a decent looking area to pull off into.

We were instantly attacked by mosquitoes, our craziest mosquito experience yet. We ducked into the tent as soon as possible, killing the many that were able to come in with us, even breaking the ‘no food in the tent’ rule. Much of the night was spent hearing them hitting the tent, which made it sound like a gentle rain. Ew.