Day 77: Roadside turnoff (near Slim Creek) to Dunster

Our potential Warm Showers hosts waiting for us 30km past McBride and our less than stealth campsite encouraged us to get moving early. So by 6:30 we were up and viciously fighting off the mosquitoes so we could get to the road and start moving, hopefully leaving them behind. Once we reached the Slim Creek rest area we stopped to get something to eat. It was a very nice rest area definitely had areas to camp even though camping isn’t supposed to be permitted there. Unfortunately the mosquitoes quickly found us so we didn’t linger too long.

Most of the rest of the ride was rather uneventful – though with lots of sun and no rain it was a beautiful day. We were able to see the mountains get closer and closer as we made our way east. We made it to McBride in the early afternoon. We found a restaurant for lunch, Morels, which had great food at great prices, then we stocked up on some food for the next two days, and contacted our Warm Showers hosts.

After speaking with Bonnie & Curtis, they said we were certainly welcome to come over and even offered to pick us up as it was still over 30km to their place. We said no, we’d be fine, but still they offered to come out and get our bags from the bikes. We started the ride to their place in the evening sun, enjoying the view of the mountain ranges coming together. Seeing a truck ahead turn around when it saw us, we knew it must be them. Curtis let us enjoy the downhill and parked at the beginning of the uphill. This time when offered we accepted his offer of a ride the rest of the way.

We got to their farm and were shown our accommodations in a sheep wagon for the night. I was really excited to be there, and with the added beauty of the whole farm it made our stay even more spectacular. After I ran around a bit taking pictures, we sat down for dinner with a German couple who are on a working holiday in Canada and helping and are out at the farm for a couple weeks. We were also joined by Curtis and Bonnie’s neighbours. We had a wonderful lasagne with salad, bread, homemade beer and lemonade. This was definitely of my favourite experiences and favourite places of the trip.