Day 78: Dunster to Mt Robson Park

I woke up early around sunrise, likey from a rooster telling me it was time to get up. Looking out the window I could see the sun peeking out over the mountains. I got up for a few photos then returned to bed for a couple more hours. The next time I woke up I went exploring the back of the farm where there were sheep, llamas, and some baby lambs. The lambs were all sleeping together and the llamas and the sheep stood up for my presence. I returned quickly with my camera but the lambs had already woken. Still I took photos of the animals, then more photos around the farm before we went to breakfast.

We had another huge and wonderful meal and sat talking for quite a while before we started getting ready to go. I definitely could have stayed there for days! We had decided to make it two days to Jasper so that we could enjoy ourselves a bit more in such a great area.

Around 1pm we started our ride with threatening clouds, made it up the big hill from the valley their farm is in (partly making up for the ride we took yesterday perhaps!) and we rode. There were quite a few hills and the dark clouds brought an intense headwind. With a lot of effort we continued with only minor stops until Mt Terry Fox where we stopped to read and sit for a bit, and just down the hill was Mt Robson Park. It was just before a huge hill, and being the largest mountain in Canada seemed worthy of stopping for the evening.

After a Pad Thai dinner (Canadian grocery stores make this easy) we walked up the river and I took more photos before calling it a night.