Day 84: Nordegg to Rocky Mountain House

We had an early breakfast at the restaurant in town and counted the number of RVs driving in with the server. They were expected more people coming through with the road being closed.

On the way to Rocky Mountain House there wasn’t any road services, so we also ordered bagged lunch sandwiches from the restaurant to eat on the way.

The route was still hilly as we left the mountains, it was also very busy with traffic. Our stop for lunch was quite quick because of the mosquitoes who were also hungry, so we weren’t able to escape the roar of traffic for too long.

The national historic site of Rocky Mountain House was 7km off route and after briefly checking what it was all about we decided it would be okay to skip it. We continued into town, riding along the well marked bike route, and found the cheapest motel and then listened to the thunder and as the rain poured down for the rest of the evening.