Day 85: Rocky Mountain House to Red Deer

We had plans to be in Three Hills for Tuesday to visit my family there, but otherwise we weren’t sure of the best way to get there or what roads to take. For the first time this whole trip we have multiple routes we can take and no information as to which is the best for a cyclist.

We decided to go to Innisfail, stopping in Sylvan Lake on the way. This put us back on the busy highway for most of the ride to Sylvan Lake. It started as a nice sunny morning and in Sylvan lake we stopped for drinks and to eat our muffins purchased earlier at Tim Hortons. Jesse also had a huge piece of chocolate suicide cake – promising the staff he would be able to finish it all. Sylvan Lake seemed like the vacation town for Red Deer and all surrounding areas. On our way out of town we passed a barber shop, and Jesse had been hoping to get his hair cut for a few days now, so we stopped in for his $12 buzz cut.

We were told it was tricky ahead to get on the highway we want, and as we were getting close we could see we couldn’t ride straight across the busy highway to get to the smaller highway, so we took the alternate route but the road leading to Innisfail from there was closed. In this moment we decided instead to go to Red Deer. Then the heavy rain began as we kept close to the far right of the shoulder on the busy highway. Once clearing all the highway on and off ramps we made it into town. As we got closer to the city center we could see there was some effort for bike lanes so we followed them. Another Tim Hortons stop to find a place for the night (the campground was closed due to the flooding) and a $10 walk-in special pizza from Pizza Pizza and we were set for the night.