Day 86: Red Deer to Three Hills

After a filling breakfast we started our ride to Three Hills. We had found a simple route to go, avoiding the larger highways out of town. The road was fine initially, a small highway with decent shoulders and very little traffic. However quickly it turned into a dirt road, and with all the rain it was a mud road. We were greatly slowed down but given encouragement by a passing milk truck and military vehicles.

Eventually making it back to a main road, we continued on, only passing one gas station on the route. We skipped it not being sure of how welcoming it would be but quickly realized we should have stopped there.

As we got closer to Three Hills the skies opened up into an incredible thunder storm, full of hail, loud rumbles of thunder and lightening. Aside from not knowing any safety protocols in this type of storm, I found it fun to ride through since we knew it wouldn’t last too long. However as it persisted we became more thoroughly soaked. A large truck pulled over and asked if we wanted a lift, we quickly agreed. They took us into Three Hills where it was bright and sunny at this time, and were happy to have done their good deed of the day.

In Three Hills my Aunt and Uncle were waiting. We quickly found their home and were warmly welcomed in, later having a huge feast with my cousins as well.
After dinner my cousins offered to drive us to Drumheller, since we had mentioned that was our goal for the next day, and would take us to see the Hoodoos in the evening light. The hoodoos and the surrounding area were amazing to see and would have been a rewarding bike ride, but it’s nice too to be able to cut out the detour and take a more direct route.