Day 88: Three Hills to Hanna

With panniers full of great homemade food, we set off for Hanna. Full sun and blue skies, we had a warm sunny day ahead. Aside from some road construction and one left turn, the ride was relatively uneventful. Being the first clear day in the prairies, it was still astounding to look out and see the fast green fields and the sky leading on forever.

We descended into the valley and the badlands, getting a chance to ride through the really neat landscape that we viewed in Drumheller. At the bottom was a rest stop where we were able to get out of the sun for a bit, and where I received a high five from someone who asked about our trip.

In Hanna we got a few additional items from the grocery store to go with our dinner that we were sent off with this morning. Then we went to Fox Lake campground, a nice park for the town and campground on a lake. It was filled with RVs, and seemed like as many vehicles as possible squeezed onto every small site. But the campground host still found a spot for us. We were set next to a field of cows, and the cows quickly took interest in us, coming over to the fence just a few feet from our tent, staring at us and grunting for most of the evening and until we went to sleep.