Day 90: Oyen to Kindersley

The morning was warm when we awoke so it was easy to get up and get going. We made a hearty breakfast of quinoa with instant oatmeal for flavour (a trick learned from Yvon) before we set off.

Bright blue skies and full sun, it looked like it would be a good day. However then we noticed the wind – strong headwinds. It seemed to take a very long time to ride the 35km to the border, but crossing into Saskatchewan was a highlight and reaching a new state or province always feels like an accomplishment.

We did find a roadside stop with a gas station and a restaurant, so we ordered Chinese food and were given huge portions. It was also a nice change from the typical food on offer in these roadside stops. Not many kilometers later but quite a while later we made another stop at the next town, Flaxcomb. After relaxing on the grass we went to check out the convenience store/general store/restaurant/gas station/post office. It was too hot for the slushies to be frozen so we settled on Gatorade.

Up the hill (Saskatchewan is not flat) and onward to Kindersley – a town it seemed to take forever to reach. Pressing hard into the wind we eventually arrived to the dusty industrial town.