Day 92: Rosetown to Saskatoon

A clear blue and hot sky greeted us this morning. We had a full days ride to Saskatoon so there was no escaping the heat. With full water bottles we started the ride. We passed a few towns but they had no services so it wasn’t for 75km that we were able to stop and have a cold drink. In Deslile at the gas station there was also a barbecue raising money for the charity. Jesse had a burger and we spent the next hour or so talking to some of the people there. We were able to hide in some shade and relax for a bit.

In Saskatoon we found the Gordon Howe campground which also had a decent grocery in it, so we bought perogies and were able to make dinner and have an early night – listening to the Canada Day fireworks not too far away but still across the river from the campground.