Day 96: Foam Lake to Yorkton

Returning to the picnic tables at the information centre, we spent a bit of time there online in the morning. We talked with passing travellers, one of whom was at a Fiddlers camp nearby. Trisha returned to invite us to stay at her place tonight in Yorkton, and naturally we said we would take her up on the offer.

The ride to Yorkton was uneventful, aside from one stop for lunch at a roadside hotel/pub and waving at all the cars which honked and waved at us. Saskatchewan has proven to be very friendly. While at the pub for lunch Jesse started talking to a guy and he quickly invited us over in the evening for a bonfire and to chat.

We made it into town at a good time, went into McDonalds for only the second time of the trip, and enjoyed their air conditioning, ice cream, wifi and electric outlets. We had some time to kill before Trisha would return so we shifted after a couple hours to Tim Hortons. In Tim Hortons we seemed to make many friends, talking with many different people and being engaged in a conversation among a few different tables, as well as people who had previously waved at us on the road.

Yorkton has now beat Raymond WA for the friendliest town of the trip.